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February 3rd, 2018 We started making jerky with our new dehydrator!! The dehydrator is a great (and DELICIOUS!) addition to our ranch equipment. Our first round was flavored mesquite and inferno (HOT HOT HOT). This is round 2, the mesquite & sweet n hot….

June Broken Trail Bowmen 3D Archery Shoot

It has been almost a WHOLE week since the 3D Archery Shoot and I am STILL living off the fun we had and, for me, shooting a bow for the very first time! This is a sport I am excited to jump into! Last…

May Broken Trail Bowmen Archery Shoot

May was wet and rainy, but that didn’t stop ALMOST 300┬álocal archers from showing up and competing in the 3D Archery Shoot! There were 40 competition targets, including additional contest targets, on the approximately 40 acre course. Everyone seemed to enjoy the competition, the…

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